Confidence make me change

When I was a second year

in the university.

My friend invited me

to work as a volunteer

in a kindergarden.

He ask me

to sing a song

in the fare well party.

I practiced that song

for one week


I still felt very nervous.

When I look down

to the audience.

They were 5 or 6 year old kids.

I didn’t know

Whether they can feel

about what I’m singing

or not.

I just want to sing

as quickly as possible.

After graduation

I got a job

in shoes exporting company.

I work as administrative staff.

I have to communicate with many people.

They are workers

Especially my boss.

I don’t know

how to talk to them.

I register for an English class.

I went to class earlier

For almost 1 hour

To talk to my friend.

I learn more about my work.

I feel more confident

to ask question

to my manager

and we get closer

after 3 months

I build much better relationship

with collegue

in English class.

I feel confident in myself.

I feel more opened

and friendly.

I’m happy and satisfied

with my life.

So what I’ve learnt

to be confidence are

Try to talk more with other

Learn new skill.

And laught more often

Thank you.


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