Follow the trend

Today, everybody know and learn English.

They want to be good at English

So why?

Why do they do that?

Because, English is in everywhere

English is necessary for modern life

If you want a good job,

study abroad and know many information,

travel in other country,…

you should a good English

So how to learn English well?

For me,

first step is very important

like Direk Sivers said

first follower was a crucial role

so first step I learn about pronunciation

Then, I try it with grit to achieve objectives

Grit is passion and perseverance

After three month, I can correct pronunciation

I think it’s good result


I dissect some lesson in three month

Start from the most simple things to difficult

You have to be willing to fail, to be wrong

To start over again with lesson learned

With grit

Day in day out

After a long time, you have a momentum

This is the tipping point

You get a movement.

At that time,

You have a result you want.

Thank you


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