My passion

  1. What you are passion about?

I think

I care about everything,

love everything.


I choice the topic

Myself and People around.

  1. Why do you like it?


I am not confident

about English,

I want communicate with everybody

by English

and they understand

what I say.

I have a goal

and I want

grow it right now

by learning English, skills.

Sometime, I tired

but I think

after I learn the topic,

I will have motive

for present and future

  1. What do you do to fulfill your?

I will learn English

about 2 hour and 1 hour

for skills everyday.

  1. Tell me a story about that?

One day,

when you grown up and realize

your parent was old.

You want to repay everything you can

by beside them

or another way.


I can beside them,


I want to achievement in SG,

earn more money.

In addition,

I will

create a life environment better for them.

That all about I think

I can do it right now.

Try everyday

Step by step

Learn English and skills.


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