talk nerdy to me

When I saw the presentation of Mellissa Marshall, I was attracted by her body language and the way she said. When she stood and talked in the audience, she is confident and always smile. Her presentation talk about how to communicate with people well, especially scientists and engineers. She said that the world of them is wonderful, sexy and we need discovering their wonderland. Their knowledge is necessary and around us. Mellissa Marshall wants to said that everybody interesting with scientists and engineers do, they can talk it with us. For example, why do we have plane, ship or boat…? Why do we have vaccine to cure? So, we should talk with them, special talk nerdy to them or vice versa. But, they should talk clearly with us by making the word as simple as they can. Such as, Einstein said making everything as simple as possible, but no simpler. In four minutes, she shows the effective way scientists and engineers can show their science issues and make everybody understand it.

Why we need to do that? Because everyday everybody talk together. It’s the communication. This is information inside that it is meaningful or not. So why we learn something when we talk? If we have a little their knowledge, we should understanding and creating a more progressive world. And we will proud of it. Do you think that?

Through this presentation, I recap some lessons. First, communication skill is clear and easy to understand. If you want everybody understand, you should talk as simple as you can, but meaningful. Second, writing is create and stimulate the mind reader by imagines, painting or funny world. Three, speaking is slowly and clearly world with the volume and frequency of moderate.

In three mintues, I dissect lesson from it. Confidently stand before the crowd, you win 50 percent of the speech. The rest is preparation and practice their hundreds of times before starting.


Follow the trend

Today, everybody know and learn English.

They want to be good at English

So why?

Why do they do that?

Because, English is in everywhere

English is necessary for modern life

If you want a good job,

study abroad and know many information,

travel in other country,…

you should a good English

So how to learn English well?

For me,

first step is very important

like Direk Sivers said

first follower was a crucial role

so first step I learn about pronunciation

Then, I try it with grit to achieve objectives

Grit is passion and perseverance

After three month, I can correct pronunciation

I think it’s good result


I dissect some lesson in three month

Start from the most simple things to difficult

You have to be willing to fail, to be wrong

To start over again with lesson learned

With grit

Day in day out

After a long time, you have a momentum

This is the tipping point

You get a movement.

At that time,

You have a result you want.

Thank you

My passion

  1. What you are passion about?

I think

I care about everything,

love everything.


I choice the topic

Myself and People around.

  1. Why do you like it?


I am not confident

about English,

I want communicate with everybody

by English

and they understand

what I say.

I have a goal

and I want

grow it right now

by learning English, skills.

Sometime, I tired

but I think

after I learn the topic,

I will have motive

for present and future

  1. What do you do to fulfill your?

I will learn English

about 2 hour and 1 hour

for skills everyday.

  1. Tell me a story about that?

One day,

when you grown up and realize

your parent was old.

You want to repay everything you can

by beside them

or another way.


I can beside them,


I want to achievement in SG,

earn more money.

In addition,

I will

create a life environment better for them.

That all about I think

I can do it right now.

Try everyday

Step by step

Learn English and skills.

Television (record)

My TV show

Do you watch television? 
My mother says that I watch too much television. 
I watch cartoons on Saturday mornings. 
Cartoons make me laugh. 
My brother and I each have our favorite cartoons. 
We have trouble deciding which cartoons we will watch. 
On Saturday afternoons we like to watch sports. 
My brother really likes to watch baseball, but usually my mother tells us to go out and 
play on a Saturday afternoon. 
On week nights we have our own favorite shows. 
I like shows about outer space and monsters. 
My brother likes comedies. 
He likes to laugh. 
My mother likes shows about real life situations. 
She likes to watch the news. 
She says that the news is important. 
She watches the news and weather to find out what is going on in the world. 
Sometimes she watches real life shows about doctors or policemen. 
My father doesn’t watch television. 
He says that he would rather read a good book or the newspaper. 
My dad gets all his news from the newspaper. 
My favorite thing is to sit in front of the television with a bag of popcorn and a bottle of 
I sit there and change the channels with the remote control. 
I change channels and watch a few different shows at once. 
My mother won’t let me watch too much television. 
She doesn’t want me to get lazy. 
Television is good if you don’t spend too much time watching it. 
You can learn a lot from television if you watch the educational channels. 
I learned about dinosaurs and rainforests last week just from watching television.

Confidence make me change

When I was a second year

in the university.

My friend invited me

to work as a volunteer

in a kindergarden.

He ask me

to sing a song

in the fare well party.

I practiced that song

for one week


I still felt very nervous.

When I look down

to the audience.

They were 5 or 6 year old kids.

I didn’t know

Whether they can feel

about what I’m singing

or not.

I just want to sing

as quickly as possible.

After graduation

I got a job

in shoes exporting company.

I work as administrative staff.

I have to communicate with many people.

They are workers

Especially my boss.

I don’t know

how to talk to them.

I register for an English class.

I went to class earlier

For almost 1 hour

To talk to my friend.

I learn more about my work.

I feel more confident

to ask question

to my manager

and we get closer

after 3 months

I build much better relationship

with collegue

in English class.

I feel confident in myself.

I feel more opened

and friendly.

I’m happy and satisfied

with my life.

So what I’ve learnt

to be confidence are

Try to talk more with other

Learn new skill.

And laught more often

Thank you.